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If you came here thinking something else I am sorry to disappoint you, but if you are tired of big national companies telling you that they are the only way, then this blog update will be a good read for you:

Recently I had a customer tell me that they had a big national copier company salesperson come in and tell them that they need to switch over to them because they were more qualified and can provide better service than us. On the drive home I started thinking about what this other company said and why they would say such a thing. Well obviously it was one of those sales people who would say anything to get business at any course, but I thought really hard about it and how totally ridiculous their statement was. When, EVER, does a bigger national company provide better service than a locally owned and operated dealer???

Bigger hardly every equals better in business. I think of the big utility companies and how hard it is to deal with them. If you need help you can never reach anyone, when you get a hold of somebody they rarely know what they are doing, and their prices are ridiculous because they have so much overhead! Then there are the big national superstores and hardware places, which I am not mentioning any names, but we all know who Iím talking about. Do I really need to get into how horrible they are to deal with? So in what reality would a big national copier company provide better service, and better prices, then a local dealer? I canít think of an instance in where that is the truth. Both of our companyís Technicians are factory trained and certified on the same exact copier machines! Now there are always some Technicians that are better then others but in general it all evens out. But what about communicating with a national company? I have always found that it is so much easier to get a hold of the person you want with a smaller dealer. You dont have to go through machines awnsering the phone or a secretary that will never put you through to who you want to talk to. With Best Copier you can talk to who you want at anytime. I actually give my personal cell phone to my customers! Ask a national copier company for the ownerís personal cell number and see what happens. Donít be too surprised if they laugh at you. The truth is that they know they can't provide better service or prices, so they resort to scare tactics to make you distrust your local dealer and put your faith in BIG. Rarely have I ever found that to be the best way of doing business. I would much rather be treated like a neighbor then a number any day of the week. I also like to invest in my local economy that creates jobs in the area where I live, not halfway around the world. So if you are a local business in the area and have these kinds of sales people from non-local companies come in and bash us little guys remind them that you are a local little guy too and that you were not born yesterday! Maybe they will get the hint eventually but I have my doubts. lol

If you are tired of being treated like a number and want to see what personal service is all about then give us a call and we will show you what Best Copier is all about!

Is Bigger Always Better in Business???
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