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"Where the office product technology is always cutting edge and the customer is always right!"
Best Copier Technologies is proud to offer our Gold Certified Pre-Leased Copiers to our customers who are looking for extra savings! Copy machines come off of leases every month and are made available to us to be refurbished and resold. Best Copier Technologies tears down each unit and completely refurbishes the copier and after the copier passes our inspection it is ready to be put back out in the field for service. We offer full support and guarantee our Gold Certified Copiers with our Gold Guarantee which covers the machine completely for 5 years. Contact us today to see what is available and we would love to show you one!
sales email: vince@bestcopiertech.com
Gold Certified Pre-Owned Machines:
New Philadelphia Office:
351 Fair Ave NW
New Philadelphia, OH 44663
(330) 343-6344
Canton Office:
1320 Whipple Ave NW
Canton, OH 44708
(330) 488-2654
Contact Us:
Email Us:
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